GY Diaries #1

22 April 2020

By Phil Perry

Phil Perry
GY Diaries #1

As many of us continue to adjust to new rhythms of working, we asked the GY team to share their experiences in adjusting to their new daily routine. Each of us are different and what works for one person may not work for another. Our hope is that by sharing individual perspectives on the challenges faced and the tips that have helped, we can learn from each other in developing our own personal routines.

My daily routine took a week or so of getting used to but once I’d cracked it working from home was a socially distant walk in the park.


I’ve been starting my day just as I would in the GY office, albeit with a few small changes. When I arrive at the office I usually get set up for the day, getting all my systems and programmes I’ll need for the day set up, then I’ll make a cup of tea and some breakfast before sitting down for the day. What I’ve been doing recently however is doing all my “setting up” in the time I am saving on my commute before actually starting for the day. I set up my laptop, make my tea, and then shower and get dressed for the day. This way I’m sitting down at my home desk by 9:00, washed and dressed, with all my programmes for the day open and ready to go, as well as a tea already at drinkable temperature. It’s not a big thing but it’s a small life hack I’ve really come to appreciate.


From here on in though it’s very much like any other day. I have my desk in the living room, so the tempting distraction of the TV is there, but I avoid this by always making sure I stick to the radio channels. That way there’s nothing visual to catch your eye behind your laptop screen. I allow myself my normal lunch hour around 1:00/2:00 but always ensure I’m on the sofa or in a “non-work” area like the sofa. I’m finding it really helpful to have designated areas to make it easier to stick to a routine. My desk is for work and the sofa/living area is for answering texts, watching TV, and all your other regular home life activities.


I’m lucky enough to have a balcony right next to where my desk is so am getting plenty of air/sunshine which is really important. I have also on one or two occasions moved my desk out to the balcony as you can see in my photo. This is only on exceptional weather days though. It’s very tempting when working at home during such a great heatwave to go and have five minutes in the garden or a break that lasts a little longer than it should. Having a
laptop and not a PC allows me to enjoy the breeze and the sun and continue to work, without the “fear of missing out” one would usually get working in the office.


I work through until 6:00, perhaps a bit longer if there’s something that needs doing that evening but it’s important to shut off when you need to. Again, this is to keep a firm idea in your mind of what is work and what is home. Once I’m signed off the day I get on with any other tasks like an evening jog/walk or a quick shop for essentials. At GY we have access to our emails 24/7 on our phones so these are monitored during evening TV viewing but
only answered if it cannot wait until the next day.


The key word for me has been “routine”. Once you’ve cracked this, working from home is just like any other day at the office (aside from giving Nadia grief for microwaving tea). We are all coping and dealing with this bizarre situation in our own ways. It’s great to share so I would definitely encourage everyone to share their ideas as well.


Stay well and keep safe,


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