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Training Hub

What is the Training Hub?

We believe in lifelong learning. Our Training Hub brings together resources to support personal and professional progress.

Why Gordon Yates?

Since launching our training division in 2007, we have helped hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals with skills development.
Our training hub supports our work as recruiters. Starting a new role is the beginning of a journey, not its destination. We want to encourage long term growth.
As in our recruiting, we believe overwhelmingly in human connection. These days there are many off-the-shelf resources available online and elsewhere, but individuals have different needs and learning styles.
We want to understand you and your career journey. We work with you to support your individual situation and aspirations.

How does delivery work?

Our training works around you.
In many cases, companies ask us to deliver courses on-site, or via online groups. We discuss goals and put together tailored proposals.
Other times, one-to-one mentoring or coaching is needed. This can be a one-off conversation, or via planned sessions over a period of weeks.
Since hybrid working became widespread, we have also introduced ‘lunchtime learning’ – easy access, one-hour online sessions to facilitate continued skills development alongside WFH.
These can be one-on-one, or in small groups with colleagues if preferred. They can be a single session or, depending on content, a series of sessions over a period of weeks.
They don’t even need to be at lunchtime. The principal is of flexibility and making training work in a way that suits you.
Whatever your needs, get in touch and let’s talk.

Getting in touch

If you have any questions, or would like to book a training programme, please get in touch with our course coordinator Nadia Sharif:
020 7494 4466

Training Hub Resources

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Welcome Pack

All you need to know including who’s who at GY, what we need from you, how our training works and lots more.


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Business Coaching

One-to-one support for your professional development goals.


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Personal Skills

A range of training modules to aid the development of your soft skills in the workplace. Modules include:

  1. Getting 'stuff' done

  2. Assertive communication

  3. Business writing


image of a team

Management Skills

A range of training modules to support effective team management. Modules include:

  1. Introduction to management

  2. Introduction to interviewing

  3. Strategies for staff retention

  4. Developing sales opportunities


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Our bespoke training programme 'Five Steps to Work' supports those facing the challenge of career change.


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Personality Profiling

The Pros, the Cons, and ideas for getting started.


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Aptitude Testing

An introduction to the wide range of tests available for recruitment and selection, and for supporting targeted development.


image of a piece of paper

Basic Skills: Testing & Training

An introduction to the resources available to test and develop skills on the main office software packages such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.