GY Diaries #4

08 April 2020

By Kay Cox

Kay Cox
GY Diaries #4

As many of us continue to adjust to new rhythms of working, we asked the GY team to share their experiences in adjusting to their new daily routine. Each of us are different and what works for one person may not work for another. Our hope is that by sharing individual perspectives on the challenges faced and the tips that have helped, we can learn from each other in developing our own personal routines.

Coming to the end of the first week working from home and I’m still struggling a bit with a routine. But in general, the first trip to my PC is in my PJ’s just
to check for anything urgent. Assuming nothing’s gone horribly wrong, I’ll make a coffee for myself and a tea for hubby (still far too early to disturb my
teenage daughter back from University – I’m sure she will surface sometime!)


Once showered and dressed back it’s back to the PC and phones with my coffee, hot lemon and breakfast. My workspace is at the kitchen table which has easy access to everything I need, although I do occasionally have to run to another room to get the phone… some exercise I guess!. At the moment it’s bright and sunny and looks over the garden.  No need for TV or radio, just the sound of the birds twittering away. So peaceful. I love it. (Oh, and I have some feline company most of the time, as you can see from the picture).


I have just set up a little workout station for a quick exercise hit during the day.  I also try to go for daily walks too, I find it so important to get out in this fabulous and Vitamin D-giving sunshine.  Wish me luck (and will power!).


Contact is so important in these times, especially keeping in touch with loved ones.  Our team WhatsApp messages with pictures of life at home, silly messages, sharing tips etc. may be a bit distracting, but they are vital for team moral and lifting your spirits too.


In terms of home tips, my daughter doesn’t need entertaining anymore but my top suggestions for those who do:  obstacle courses are great - lots of running, star jumps, jumping on the spot. Time it daily and get them to log on a chart so they can see their progress.  Read with them. Help them get set up so they can contact their friends in video chats. There are also many ideas online for home decorating (Pinterest has so many great ideas if you’re lacking inspiration). 


I end with an apology to anyone who has or will be video chatting with me: no makeup, haircut overdue, and roots need doing. These things are only going to get worse… much worse!

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