GY Diaries #3

27 April 2020

By Mehmet Yilmaz

Mehmet Yilmaz
GY Diaries #3

As many of us continue to adjust to new rhythms of working, we asked the GY team to share their experiences in adjusting to their new daily routine. Each of us are different and what works for one person may not work for another. Our hope is that by sharing individual perspectives on the challenges faced and the tips that have helped, we can learn from each other in developing our own personal routines.

It seems surreal to think that just a few weeks ago, we were working as ‘normal’, socialising as ‘normal’ and living life in a way we would all describe as ‘normal.’

Fast forward a few weeks and now the new working from home situation feels far more ‘normal’ already than I could ever have anticipated in such a short space of time!

Creating a daily routine and sticking to it has been key to making this adaptation – and I’ve tried to replicate my normal schedule and adapt it to home as much as possible. I have always gone to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so I’ve stuck to Tuesday and Thursdays as the mornings where I’ll go for a run or do a workout in the garden.

I think exercising has become more important than ever. Now we are so restricted in what we can do, our 1-hour daily allowance for exercise needs to be utilised. It’s not only about physical benefits, but also the mental health benefits. In a time where so much negativity is currently surrounding us, that sense of achievement after completing a work-out brings a feeling of satisfaction that’s so desperately needed right now. So, whether you are cut out for a hardcore boot camp style workout or a chilled out walk round the block a few times, I think we all need to keep active for both our physical and mental health.

When it comes to working from home, it’s been a huge transition in a such a short period – and I won’t go into detail about much work behind the scenes has gone into ensuring we can all be fully operational from our homes (but trust me it’s been a lot!)

I guess the biggest challenge for many is staying focused and productive throughout the day. I am quite lucky to have a study in the house with a computer set up – so working in this room secludes me from the rest of the house and is a great way to focus without being distracted.

I hope everyone can find their own ways to create a routine and rise to this very difficult challenge we have been presented with.

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