Recruiting for business since 1947

Our History

Uniquely, since 1947 Gordon Yates has had just three generations of owners, each of them linked.

Gordon Yates starts

The business is named after its founder, Gordon Yates, although he and his wife Beatrice ran things as a partnership. In the post-war period recruitment and training weren’t as prominent as they are today: nonetheless they established a thriving business, recruiting staff for top businesses and even finding temps for visiting celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe.

Things get serious

After Gordon’s death in the 1960s Beatrice brought in Frances King, a friend and customer. Frances was one of the top HR specialists in the country at the time and her influence helped establish Gordon Yates as a standard-bearer for professional standards in the recruitment consultancy market – something which continues to this day.

Beatrice and Frances Retire

In 1981 Beatrice and Frances decided to retire. One of the people they spoke to about this was Richard Grace, one of their customers. He talked with them and ended up buying the business. Although an accountant by training, Richard believed passionately that people were the ultimate determinant of business success. He still does.

An additional MD – Jo Tomazou

Jo joined in 1989. A born recruiter, trainer and coach, she enjoyed a meteoric early career that saw her rise to become one of the youngest ever managers of a major Brook Street branch. Richard took one look and decided she would make an excellent Joint MD, an unusual management structure but one that has worked just fine for almost 30 years now.

Sarah Mustafa & Claire Harrop Join the Team

Director Sarah Mustafa joined in 2000, Associate Director Claire Harrop in 2005 and together with Richard and Jo form the core management team.

Our Values

What we do is part of who we are.

As with any business, we need to provide cost-effective benefit or cease to exist. In our case this means putting our expertise and experience to the service of our customers, at a price that adds tangible value.

What we do also needs to make sense though to those within the business, as well as to the wider community in which we all live and work.

Our “Three C’s” guide us. We try always to run our business through the eyes of our customers, our colleagues and the wider community.