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BPP Data Protection Training

All Gordon Yates temp team members must complete training in data protection policy and procedure before they can work at BPP. There are three steps.

Step 2:

​Please read this PDF in full:


Step 3:

Please complete this form to confirm you have watched the video and understood the policy document.

I confirm that:
1. I have watched the BPP Data Protection Training video available at
2. I understand my responsibilities and obligations in respect of data protection in the course of my engagement at BPP
3. I understand that I must abide by the terms of BPP Email Policy and have been given copy of the said policy
4. I understand that failure to comply with the data protection training and BPP email policy could result in the termination of my engagement with BPP;
5. I understand that any suspected data breaches should be immediately escalated to regardless who committed the breach and;
6. If I am unclear on my obligations and responsibilities in respect of data protection, or have a specific data protection query, I should raise this with Data Protection team at